15 May

How to be a distributor

If you are a full-time wife or unemployed person, or need to find a temporary job this will be a good opportunity.


Facing this health crisis, the survival cost of human beings has increased. For example: housing loans, car loans, children's education expenses and so on, so that most residents have spent their savings. Obviously, this health crisis has affected the economy, production and our way of life. The economic recession has led a large number of companies to carry out a series of layoffs to save money to survive. The cost of survival still exists or even rises. This is both a test of ourselves and a huge challenge around us.


Making money online is a new type of income-generating method, and it is also a kind of income-generating trend in the 21st century. This trend is also well reflected in Amazon. They relied on the convenience of the Internet to create a great business empire in a relatively short time.

Making money online is a process by which your talents, connections and knowledge can be realized through the Internet. You can share good products with your friends and add color to their lives. At the same time, you also get a good evaluation from your friends, and you will know more and more friends.

Making money online is a supplement to regular work. It can bring you benefits and improve your quality of life. You can also discover the essence of business in this process, and then go further and further on the road of business, and even change you. The whole life.


Of course, making money online is far from that.

Making money online is an ability. Imagine if you had a stable income and an online part-time job before the outbreak, when the health crisis came, your company announced that it would suspend business or lay off most of its employees, but You have an online part-time job, so you have more time to enjoy a very relaxing holiday, rather than long-term anxiety, and constantly praying to God to end this terrible health crisis earlier.

Making money online is a challenge. When you are engaged in a stable job, this is the job on which you live, but life is very boring. With time, you slowly lose your patience and feel that life is like this There will not be too many changes. At this time, I believe that a part-time job will allow you to regain your confidence, re-understand yourself, and start again. What an exciting moment this is!


Our company is a long-term committed to the development of humanized adult products, with 12 years of experience in design, production and sales. At the same time, with the help of the majority of users, we have found more in line with modern people's entertainment and lifestyle. The birth of adult products shows that human beings are part of nature, which is a respect for the culture of sex, and also reflects the right of human freedom to choose, and it also illustrates the inevitability of liberating nature. The birth of adult products has made the lonely people have partners, and the people who can not satisfy their sexual desires are released. This is one of the creative inventions of human beings.


Now, our company recruits agents in a win-win manner. The specific methods are as follows:

1.  Free agent:

   This method uses the commission model, according to the agent's sales to get the commission; when the agent sells a piece, we will pay the commission by PayPal or wire transfer.

2.  Paid way agent:

   In this way, the wholesale model is adopted, and the price is determined according to the agent's purchase volume. Under this model, the agent's profit is higher.


Agents who are interested are looking for us to sign up now.


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