22 Jul

This is Jun from LED screen wholesale GROUP PURCHASE. General manager in LED screen wholesale group purchase. We are looking for long-term partner of LED display. Group purchase center is leading LED display supplier in China.We work well with Absen group,Unilumin group,Leyard  group,Liantronics group. 

On behalf of LED SCREEN GROUP BUYING CENTER, I would like to invite you to attend our latest online-meeting, which focus on the led screen wholesale International group purchase on Sep 15th

The meeting will focus on answering the following topics:

a) What is international GROUP PURCHASE CENTER;

b) How we play a role in the international group purchase;

c) What we can provide to you;

d) How these partners work with us.

Look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Hotline: +8618818901997

Email: admin@ledscreenwholesale.com

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